Logos - Various Businesses


Boone County Fair

The client requested a new, fresh logo that used the color purple. I had complete creative freedom. They were incredibly happy with it and have begun to incorporate it into their print materials and website.

rebenok_final (1).jpg


The architecture client wanted a logo that referenced a tile design that held sentimental value. (See the tile design here.) It was used throughout their first residential building design. I hand drew the 'flower' with the pen tool. They wanted something elegant, classy and detailed.

sister&sister (1).jpg

Sister & Sister Photography

The clients wanted something fun, trendy and feminine to represent their photography business. This is used on all branding materials and as their watermark on client images during the proof process.


Urban Infill Construction

The client wanted something modern, clean and green to represent their earth-friendly mission. It was important to them that the text stand out - especially the vertical "UIC."

See the website I designed for them here.


my other work

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