Website Design + Development - Piano Tunes Music Academy

website design + development

The client wanted to have something bold, colorful, modern and fun that would appeal to their target market. They wanted to upgrade their website to have features for online enrollment for lessons, after school care and summer camp, as well as a contact form.

Their office hours are for 1pm - 7pm on the weekdays. They had been receiving complaints from customers that they were difficult to get a hold of through the phone because of this. They were using Facebook messenger on their business page to try to remedy this, but not all customers used Facebook. As a solution to this issue, I installed a Drift chat system on each web page that goes directly to the office manager's phone. She can communicate with clients outside of office hours, which has greatly increased their responsiveness.

The steps to create the website included:

  1. Moodboard (pictured)
  2. UI optimized sitemap
  3. Wireframe
  4. Website development
  5. Website review
  6. Website testing
  7. Publish to live site

I have designed their logo and branding and also manage their social media.

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