Graphic Design - Piano Tunes Music Academy

Logo Design + Brand Identity (Brochure, Business Card, Flyers, Gift Certificates, etc.)

The client wanted a new logo that would represent their brand qualities: modern, bright, happy, positive, and educational. They branded themselves as Piano Tunes Academy before they added on other instrument programs. The new logo was requested after they changed their business name to Piano Tunes Music Academy. The challenge was to get potential customers to see that they are a music academy, rather than just piano lessons and piano tunings.

The flyers and brochures for summer camps are part of their rebranding. They had summer camps every year in the past, but they were not well attended. The hope with these flyers was to increase awareness and enrollment. For 2018, enrollment for summer camp was maxed out - a 650% increase from 2017.

Additionally, I have created gift certificates, holiday themed flyers and graphics and I also manage their social media.

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