Custom Website Process (with cake analogies)…

  1. Detailed website questionnaire which has 40+ questions so that we can get a feel for what your needs are. (This is like figuring out the purpose of the cake - is it a birthday party? A wedding? How many people should it feed? Are there any allergies or special ingredients needed?)

  2. Vision board is created for you with colors, imagery, patterns, and typography for you to LOVE or we’ll go back to the drawing board. (This is like finding your favorite pictures, styles and flavors of your cake before we start gathering the ingredients.)

  3. Wireframe map aka sketches of each page that you’ll need to show where text is going to be, images, links, logos, etc. (We’ve got all of our cake ingredients and our baking supplies, now we’re mixing the batter and popping it into the oven.)

  4. Website design time! We’ll follow our handy wireframe map and make it pretty with imagery, typography, patterns, logos and branding. Your website won’t be live and will be stored as a test site with a private URL that only you can access for proofing. (Cake decorating time, baby!)

  5. Once you’re happy with every single detail, we do a run through of each page, image and link to make sure they are mobile friendly and SEO optimized. (Transport the cake to the event. Double check that it still looks great and make any final tweaks it needs.)

  6. We launch your website and you collect all the page visits your heart desires. (Enjoy our gorgeous, delicious cake!)


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