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coaching calls

On an as needed basis, schedule a 45 minute Zoom video call with us. During our session, you decide what you’d like to be coached on, whether it’s a detailed audit of your social accounts, what improvements can be made, content optimization, hashtag research assistance, or we can answer any questions that you have about your marketing and current social media strategies.

per call - $125

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We’ll have regularly scheduled monthly strategy-performance calls where we review the analytics of last month’s strategy and go over the next month’s strategy and content recommendations. This plan is perfect for those who are comfortable creating content and engaging with their audience, but need assistance with strategy, planning, optimizing and results measurements.

  • Strategic monthly plan

  • Content creation/curation guidance

  • Content assistance

  • Bio/profile optimization

  • Audience engagement recommendations

  • Instagram specific -

    • Niche hashtag guidance

    • Weekly story guidance + highlights

  • Monthly strategy-performance calls

  • Results measurements

  • Niche hashtag clouds (60 #’s)


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1 hour team workshops

Ideal for those who want to learn the 7 must-haves for efficiently maximizing your social media growth - including how to keep the algorithms happy, selecting content and taking deep dives into the why’s and how’s of hashtags and engagement. Workshops are done via a Zoom video conference call with a customized presentation depending on your team’s industry, followed by a Q&A. 5 person minimum.

per person - $50

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