You’ll receive a highly targeted campaign that is 100% unique for your business including:

  • Ad setup on selected platform - all you’ll need to do is follow a simple guide to get our permissions set up and then we’ll be off to the races!

  • Highly targeted audience backed by research, data and analytics that will get you the lowest cost per lead possible. Some of our clients have experienced as low as a $0.01 cost per result!

  • Creative - includes stock photography, photo retouching, graphic design, editing and animation. We’ll write captions that garner interest either through our secret engagement formula that’ll get those likes, comments and shares just rolling in.

  • Ad performance monitoring and maintenance. We’ll handle any tweaks and edits required to keep your ad performing its best.

  • Reporting - Monthly performance and analytics reports that you’ll be walked through step-by-step during our end of month calls

Monthly campaign Retainers

We define an individual campaign as having one objective - whether it’s reach, clicks, website traffic, video views, signups or page likes.

1 ad campaign objective (up to 3 ads running simultaneously) - $199

2 ad campaign objectives (up to 6 ads running simultaneously)- $399

3 ad campaign objectives (up to 9 ads running simultaneously) - $599

social media management + paid ad packages


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